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Wing Over City

I thought the flight home yesterday evening was going to be too late/dark to take any good pictures. Maybe it was…

Friday Sky

Yeah, I’m posting another sky shot. It’s *blue*!

For some reason, I’m reminded of Vince Lombardi’s quote, “When you get into the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.” Welcome to the end zone.

A Beautiful Sky

Cool Evening

Red Sky in the Morning

I handed the camera to Ashley as I drove her to a computer class at OHSU this morning.

I’m always amazed by the different colors of the sky.

And, sure enough, it was raining before evening.

Headed Home

Walking out to the car, I saw this. Now, you do too.

Morning Reflections

OHSU as seen1 from the VA before sunrise.

1Sorta… ;-) For those who are curious, here’s the original shot.

Clouds + Trees + Field

Unlike last week, my morning bike ride is not the mile and a half to the Sunriver village; it’s three plus miles to work.

As a plus, I get to take pictures from my “favorite photo spot” across from the airport.

Friday Evening

A view from the back porch swing.

Evening Sounds

*Not recorded tonight, it still feels right…

A View From 6A

I printed my boarding pass this evening and confirmed my seat: 6B. Drat! An aisle seat. I boarded, sat down, and waited for Mr. 6A to appear. He came down the aisle and stopped. “I’m sorry,” gesturing across my knees. I asked if he cared which seat was his. “No.” I scooted left and gazed out my window. Win!

Mr. 6A (now Mr. 6B) was an affable man. We chatted from boarding to deplaning,1 being “those guys.” You know who I mean. You’re tired, at the end of a long day, getting on a plane hoping to rest. Then a couple of guys near you babble the whole flight. Tonight, that was me. Sorry…

We rode on the left side going north in the evening. Thus the sun beamed in our windows. Although the plane looked new and the windows quite scratch free and clean, the air was hazy and my light shirt reflected in the windows.2 Not a recipe for good pictures. At least, until we got to Oregon and some clouds.

We landed on PDX’s North-South runway, a first for me. Our approach took us directly over downtown Portland, and then diving down to the right to land. Interesting, to say the least.

Of course, I took too many pictures of clouds. Here are just a few of them. :-)

1Boss. Deplane. Deplane.
2One of these days I’ll remember to wear a dark shirt when traveling. It should cut down the reflections in the window. Either that, or make a black velvet shroud that drapes over the camera and below to block the reflections.