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Another View From 4A

The Intel Developer Forum was over; it was time to head home.

San Francisco was covered in clouds, but the Golden Gate was clearly visible. For a brief distance, an ice crystal halo with sun dogs made its appearance. Because of turbulence, we flew much of the way at 20,000 feet, lower than normal for the Dash-8.

We descended into Portland at dusk, landing on runway 3.

It’s nice to be home.

Trip to SF

Another trip, this time to San Francisco for the Intel Developer Forum.

A quick flight from PDX to SFO1, a ride on the air tram2, another ride on BART3, and then a short walk to the hotel4.

This should be a fun week. :-)

1Another time in seat 4E, but the weather was way hazy, too hazy for any pictures other than an engine shot.
2Airports are interesting places. SFO is nice in that it’s easy to find your way around. Much better than the time I went through SEA.
3Thanks to helpful people in high-vis vests, I got my ticket and on the train … no problem.
4Two blocks. Towing a duffel. Then I picked it up. A picture from the window and time to post.

A View From 18F

I accompanied Melissa on a flight to California. She’s returning to school; I’m coming to work.

This was the view out the window.

My apologies to those who sat near for all the shutter sounds.
It’s not the only time I’ve sat in 18F; I’ve been there before.

A View From 6A

I printed my boarding pass this evening and confirmed my seat: 6B. Drat! An aisle seat. I boarded, sat down, and waited for Mr. 6A to appear. He came down the aisle and stopped. “I’m sorry,” gesturing across my knees. I asked if he cared which seat was his. “No.” I scooted left and gazed out my window. Win!

Mr. 6A (now Mr. 6B) was an affable man. We chatted from boarding to deplaning,1 being “those guys.” You know who I mean. You’re tired, at the end of a long day, getting on a plane hoping to rest. Then a couple of guys near you babble the whole flight. Tonight, that was me. Sorry…

We rode on the left side going north in the evening. Thus the sun beamed in our windows. Although the plane looked new and the windows quite scratch free and clean, the air was hazy and my light shirt reflected in the windows.2 Not a recipe for good pictures. At least, until we got to Oregon and some clouds.

We landed on PDX’s North-South runway, a first for me. Our approach took us directly over downtown Portland, and then diving down to the right to land. Interesting, to say the least.

Of course, I took too many pictures of clouds. Here are just a few of them. :-)

1Boss. Deplane. Deplane.
2One of these days I’ll remember to wear a dark shirt when traveling. It should cut down the reflections in the window. Either that, or make a black velvet shroud that drapes over the camera and below to block the reflections.

Another Day at PDX

We took Ashley and friend Sara to PDX early this morning. They are off to study in Spain for the summer.

PDX Pictures

Another wait at PDX for a ride, another opportunity to take some pictures.

It’s not my first time.

More Travel Pics From Trip To Folsom

I’m still carrying a camera everywhere (it’s sure convenient to have a camera that fits in my shirt pocket).

These are a few of the pictures I took on my trip to Folsom earlier this week.

Do you have a favorite?

The View From 23A

I flew home with Melissa. She was good company and put up with my continual picture taking.

The View From 3E

I took another trip to Folsom with my camera. This time, the weather cooperated (though the window was a little dirty…).

I wish the airlines would let me use a ladder, a bucket of soapy water, and a squeegee to clean my window before my flight. :-)

The View From 3A

Another flight means another picture post. Usually, when I fly between Portland and Sacramento, I get a window seat on the right side so I can see Crater Lake. I was hoping to see something different, so I reserved a left side window seat.

We took off, crested the clouds and headed south. I snapped some pictures, looking forward to lots of new views to record. Then we entered a cloud, not to exit until we descended into Sacramento.

Maybe I’ll have better luck on the return flight.