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Alternative versions. Click to embiggen. Do you like one of these better?

Flying By Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Flying by Mount Shasta, I took a bunch of pictures and made a large animated GIF (3.31 MB).

Cannon Beach

We took a quick trip to Cannon Beach because the weather was so nice. We walked from W 2nd street to just beyond Haystack Rock and back. On the way back,1 I took a picture every ten paces to create a time lapse of the walk.2

Because of a disappearing cell phone, we walked the route a second time, re-tracing our steps and calling the cell phone’s number. Amazed that no one answered the phone (except when I mis-dialed once…Hi, Heather!) we again searched the coat, and found it!

Beach time lapse inspired by smelliot at GIFtychs.

1The first time…
2I also created an animated gif of the walk, but beware — it’s 7.29 MB huge!

Puddle Pitter Patter


Pitter patter in a parking lot puddle.

Another View From 4A

GIF From Plane

It’s amazing how hard this is to do and make it look good.

I also took some actual video that I will attempt to convert to animated GIF later. Maybe I’ll have better luck with it.

Circle Park

Circle Park

I had to learn a little about layer alignment to get this one to work without jumping around.

Late Afternoon, Take 2

Afternoon Delight

I made an animated GIF of small portion of yesterday’s time lapse.

I finally figured out how to get GIMP 2 to dither the colors. From GIMP’s file menu, select Image > Mode > Indexed. Select the maximum number of colors (I chose 128 for this image) and select the dithering method. Click “convert” to go. Then export to animated GIF as usual.

Ugly Clouds Animated GIF

Ugly Clouds

I tried using online GIF animators of the cloud timelapse video. Using only 30 of the images resulted in an animated GIF 1.81 MB large!

GIFtychs’ Time Lapse Out Plane Window


I like taking pictures out plane windows. I like making animated GIFs. I want to try making time lapse photos.1 This picture from GIFtychs which combines all three inspires me to try something similar.

Photo credit: GIFtychs.
1In fact, this is one reason I stayed with a Canon point and shoot. I want to try using CHDK to make some time lapses.

Another View From 4E

Another trip, another window seat, again in 4E.

Diamond Peak is covered in snow, as is Summit Lake. Mount Shasta “moved me.” ;-)

The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area reflects the late morning sun.

Terminal B’s link to the parking lot also caught my attention.