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Rowena Fog

Another family trip up the Gorge, a quick stop at Mayer State Park. I imagine this spot is beautiful in the early morning.

Friendly Cloud

After this morning’s over the top photo editing, I endeavored to share a photo with no editing other than cropping to my preferred aspect ratio.

Burning Fog

Morning in the neighborhood.

Dixie Horizon

We made another trek to the Walla Walla valley1 to visit family. The count was 27 — kudos to Ron and Cherie for being willing to host the family, yet again.

Walla Walla was invisible from Dixie’s hills, obscured by the clouds, fog, and rain.

1Where for many, speed limits are an aspirational goal, something to be approached, yet never achieved.


This morning’s picture from my favorite commute photo spot1 is a little bleak.2

1Of course, I’ve mapped it.
2Click on the picture to wallow in its gray bleakness. If it’s a little too bleak for you, I also snapped a shot of my ride, patiently waiting for me to hop on and complete my commute.