A View From 4A


I’m not an Alaska MVP this year, thanks to my lack of loyalty to a single airline and not traveling to Asia last year. Instead, I get to board with everyone else and don’t get the preferred seats near the front. Regardless, when checking in, I found I could move forward and get a window seat. Because it was an early morning flight, I decided to sit on the left and watch the sun rise. It was a good choice; had I chosen the right side, I would have seen only clouds as I looked down upon southern Oregon.

Looking out plane windows never gets old for me. How about you? Do you prefer the windows or the aisle?


A View From ~4A


I had a great flight from Portland to Sacramento this morning. I sat next to a talkative fellow who works for a company that makes shipping packaging for foods. Little did I know there are industrial-sized versions of the blue, plastic packing pillows we get in online purchases.

It’s more proof that anyone can teach you something interesting, if you’re willing to talk.1

  1. And many times, I’m not. Sometimes, I’d rather just hide in a book.