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A View of the Wing

Headed home from Southern California, I made sure to get window seats for both legs of the trip. Being in group B ensured I sat behind the wing and in the wake of the jet engine. Still, I enjoy getting the bird’s eye view of the landscape.

A View from 18A

A few shots out the window flying to Folsom this morning.

View from the Back of the Bus

Headed home from Folsom, I chose the last seat on the left side of the plane, hoping to repeat a shot I took more than a year ago.

It’s interesting how the different cameras show the same view. I shot this one with my Samsung Galaxy S5, last year’s most likely with a Canon PowerShot S100.

Folsom Lake in the Clouds

Day-tripping to Folsom with a camera to the window. Life is good.

Headed Home

Headed home from Folsom … nearly there. :-)

Recent Shots

A few shots from the past week or so.

A View From 3A

Flying home, I looked out the window to see the setting sun reflected on the nacelle and leading edge of the wing.

A View From 18A

I had an early morning flight today so I chose the east side of the plane, hoping to catch the sunrise. My best shot was shortly after takeoff.

Out Plane View

I love skipping along the edge1 of clouds, watching the wispies float by.

  1. Sometimes, it’s the bottom edge

A View From 4A

I’m not an Alaska MVP this year, thanks to my lack of loyalty to a single airline and not traveling to Asia last year. Instead, I get to board with everyone else and don’t get the preferred seats near the front. Regardless, when checking in, I found I could move forward and get a window seat. Because it was an early morning flight, I decided to sit on the left and watch the sun rise. It was a good choice; had I chosen the right side, I would have seen only clouds as I looked down upon southern Oregon.

Looking out plane windows never gets old for me. How about you? Do you prefer the windows or the aisle?