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A View From the Nerd Bird

Another day trip to Folsom, a few more pictures out the window.

Update. A few more pictures from the trip home.

A View From 18E

A couple of old standby views from my flight from Portland to Sacramento.

A View From 13F

Melissa and I headed south to Sacramento — she, back to school, and me, to work in Folsom for a couple of days.

It’s nice to have company when traveling. :-)

The View From 16E

Oregon was covered in clouds for today’s flight from Portland to Sacramento. I happened to glance out the window and catch Crater Lake through a small gap in the clouds as we flew by. California had a brown haze on the horizon, making only high angle shots reasonable.

A View From 16E

Another trip to Folsom for work. Having a window seat, I spent most my time watching the ground fly by.

3E and Me

The trip to Sacramento was uneventful. Well, maybe not quite. I did sit by Tim, who works √2 cubes from me, and learn what he does. And I was able to identify Mt. Thielsen, the unknown peak from last week’s post.


Yet Another View From 3E

It is time to visit my team in Folsom and thus time to post more pictures from the flight from PDX to SMF. Once again, I got seat 3E. It’s a good seat; I like it. :-)

Although the Bombardier Dash 8 is a slower plane it also flies lower than the jets Horizon used to flight on this route. The views it offers are much better than those from 37,000 feet.

My rental car is a Nissan Cube. It’s fun to drive, though a lot cooler than I am. I had to untuck my shirt and crank Jack FM to fit in.

I apologize if the pictures look overly processed. The window was dirty and scratched and the air was hazy.

PDX — SMF Trip

I flew from Portland, Ore. (PDX) to Sacramento (SMF) this morning. I had my camera with me, so I took advantage of my window seat.

Aerial Views

Sometimes when I travel, I keep my camera close at hand. Here’s a couple of shots (though dirty, fogged up Q400 windows).

I took the picture of Crater Lake yesterday on my flight down to Sacramento and the picture of Portland on the way back.