The Gavel: More transparency in government

Nancy Pelosi has a blog called The Gavel. Of course it’s political. Of course it’s slanted. But, wow!

Where’s John Boehner’s?

Okay, I know the news of the day was that Republican Study Group claimed Pelosi was infringing C-Span’s copyright with the many YouTube videos (and then withdrew their objection). Now, it may be a contractual issue. Who knows? Regardless, this sort of openness should be not only allowed, but encouraged.


Someone at has directly copied one of my more popular posts and made it the main page of his blog.

Although people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this feels like thievery.

Deleted, assuming you’re not trying to rip me off and are just trying to get random headers to work on your blogspot blog, you should read the entire content you’ve swiped. Near the bottom, where the comments start, you’ll find:

Update 2: If you are trying to get random header pictures using Blogger, try this.

I was considering putting a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License on my blog. This is making me rethink…

Update: It appears that Deleted is working on getting his random headers to work, and has changed (most of) the content, so I’ve removed his name and URL from my post.

I am still thinking about the Creative Commons license issue.