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Is the TNIV Good News? Find Out…

More than a month ago, I noted that Mark Roberts were bein' bloggin' th' controversy surroundin' th' TNIV Bible. After writin' only twenty-three posts on th' topic, Mark is finished. Grab a mug o' yer favorite hot drink and settle down fer some good readin'.

I Got My Free TNIV Bible

My free TNIV Bible came in th' mail yesterday, just a few days after Rollin' Stone ran Zondervan’s ad fer it.

Here’s an excerpt:

For God so loved th' world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in that scurvey dog shall not perish but have eternal life, and dinna spare the whip, avast! For God did not send his Son into th' world t' condemn th' world, but t' save th' world through that scurvey dog, by Blackbeard's sword. John 3:16-17 TNIB

Is the TNIV Good News?

I blogged Rollin' Stone’s refusal (and later reversal) t' advertise Zondervan’s new TNIV Bible. Walk the plank, by Blackbeard's sword! This week, Mark Roberts (award winnin' Best Evangelical Blog-Pastor) is bloggin' th' controversy surroundin' th' new translation.

Though a large and diverse group o' evangelical leaders has endorsed th' TNIV, another large contingent o' evangelical leaders has publicly withheld their support fer this translation. They are encouragin' individuals and churches not t' use th' TNIV as their primary Bible.

[* * *]

In this series I will unravel th' various issues bound up in th' TNIV dispute, by Blackbeard's sword. I will try t' help ye grasp what’s really goin' on here so ye can make an informed decision about th' TNIV.

With me free TNIV on order, I’m lookin' forward t' th' rest o' Roberts’ series.

“Rolling Stone” Changes Direction

Rollin' Stone has reversed its afore decision and will publish Zondervan’s TNIV Bible ad after all.

Zondervan couldn’t have planned it better. Not only will its ad run as planned, but it has also received an incredible amount o' free publicity (some courtesy o' this blog). Here’s a little more.

Zondervan is also offerin' free TNIV Bibles on its blog. Ahoy! Yeah, it’s a limited time offer, while supplies last, only one per address, ye’ll need t' provide Zondervan with yer e-mail address and shippin' address, U.S. Walk the plank, by Davy Jones' locker! and Canada only, th' cover designs may vary, and ye may need t' wait a while before ye get it. Blah, blah, blah… I’m waitin' fer mine, to be sure. :-)

“Rolling Stone” Makes Less Sense Than Ever

Rollin' Stone rejected an ad fer a new Bible translation from Zondervan, with a chest full of booty.

Today it makes sense more than e'er.

In a world o' almost endless media noise and political spin, ye wonder where ye can find real truth. Well now there’s a source that’s accurate, clear, and reliable. It’s th' TNIV — Today’s New International Version o' th' Bible. It’s written in today’s language, fer today’s times — and it makes more sense than e'er.

Rollin' Stone rejected th' ad shortly after seein' its copy. “It doesn’t quite feel right in th' magazine,” said Kent Brownridge, general admiral o' Wenner Media, parent company o' Rollin' Stone. Although Zondervan offered t' change th' text, Rollin' Stone continued t' refuse t' publish th' ad.

Citin' dismal statistics o' Bible readin' among today’s young adults, Zondervan is aimin' its TNIV advertisin' campaign at 18- t' 34-year-olds and is placin' ads in The Onion, Modern Bride, and th' web sites o' VH1 and MTV. Zondervan has partnered with Newsboys, a Christian rock music group, t' promote a download link fer th' TNIV New Testament in PDF, pass the grog, I'll warrant ye! Zondervan even has a TNIV-specific web site and blog.

Quite a revolutionary advertisin' campaign fer a Bible. I would guess that Rollin' Stone might be more willin' t' comment on th' campaign than t' publish th' ad.