I’m No Superhero

I’m no superhero, but three to four times a year I save lives. In fact, I did it again today.

After lunch I walked to the local library where the American Red Cross had a blood drive. In about an hour I’d saved up to three lives.

You could donate blood, too, even if you’re a wimp. I know, because I am.

What’s stopping you? Be someone’s hero.

Back on the Cot Again — Donating Blood

I give blood. Will you?After a year’s hiatus,1 I donated blood again today. It feels good. :-)

Even if you’re afraid of needles, you can give blood, too. Just read my wimpy blood donor survival guide.

Please join me this holiday season in donating blood. You could save up to three lives.

1Going to rural areas of China last year placed me on a one-year waiting period because of malaria concerns.

One Gallon of Blood

I reached a milestone today: I have donated one gallon of blood. That’s about 80% of blood the average adult body contains.

I also beat my goal of giving blood four times this year by 50%.

I’d like to say, “I am not a wimp” — but I am. After donating blood two or three times without issues, I decided to give blood sitting up, like everyone else does. Bad idea. After nearly filling the bag, I could feel the blood drain from my face. I alerted the workers and they got me lying flat with my feet elevated. Ah…

Oh well. I filled the bag. It didn’t hurt. And I saved up to three lives.

Next time I’ll know to ask for the wimp treatment.

If I can do it, maybe you can too. What do you think?

All I Want For Christmas

I had a hard time writing my Christmas wish list. Finally I realized: if it’s that hard to write a wish list, I don’t need anything. Maybe you’re in the same sleigh.

If you want to give this Christmas, here’s a list. They have no problem knowing what they need.

Do you have other suggestions? Will you join me in donating?

Update: Guynameddave has another take on Stuff-less Christmas Card.

I Donated Blood Today

I donated to one of my favorite charities today and it didn’t cost me anything. Yup, I gave blood. You can, too. Here are my time-tested tricks for survival:

  1. Drink a lot. I make sure I drink a lot of water for a few days before and then more afterward.
  2. Tell them you’re a wimp. They’ll treat you extra special.1
  3. Lie down on the cot backwards. Most people have their head above their feet. Not me. I lie flat and have them elevate my feet. I haven’t had an issue with feeling faint since I started doing this.
  4. Relax when they insert the needle. It probably won’t hurt. They had to stick me twice today2 and I barely felt the first one. Getting the hemoglobin finger prick hurts more. Removing the self-sticky bandages hurts more. Today’s second stick stung a little this time, but still nothing to write home about.3 Apparently, there’s some sort of anticoagulant on/in the needle which can sting a little. You’ll live. ;-)
  5. Never look at the needleNEVER!!4
  6. Once the needle is in, talk to the person drawing your blood. It will keep your mind off the big steel needle jabbed in your arm draining away your life blood. Okay, it’s not that bad, but staying distracted is still a good thing. In fact, I believe this is the best suggestion I have for you. You might even find they’re fun to talk to.
  7. Brag about it when you’re done. You deserve it!

What’s your favorite charity?

1Every donor gets normal special treatment.
2The only time they’ve ever needed to.
3Mom, ignore that last sentence.
4Yeah, I said I’m a wimp.