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Biking Recap for January 2014


Another year, another opportunity to ride the bike.

My January Bicycling Accomplishments

  • I biked to work every day I worked in Hillsboro. That’s not as many days as you might think. I travelled nine days, had one day of holiday, and took two days vacation.
  • I replaced my tires, after nearly 2,000 miles. I don’t know if that’s a good distance, but after inspecting the old ones and finding a bunch of embedded glass flakes and even a bit of wire cable, I figured it was time.
  • I started a spreadsheet to track every day’s mileage. As a result, I get a cool chart.

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
179 milesBiked in January 20141
179 milesBiked in 20142

How is your 2014 so far on the bike? Or are you waiting for warmer, dryer weather?

Keep pedaling!

  1. 2,101 – 1,922 
  2. 2,101 – 1,922 

Kaylad-e Trike


The Kaylad-e trike by Niavis Design looks really cool and fun. The stability of two front wheels would be nice on slippery days. Not having to put a foot down at intersections1 would be a new experience. Integrated lights, fenders, security, and storage make this a serious 3+ season transportation vehicle.

I’m concerned about the Kaylad-e’s width. Bike lanes are not designed nor maintained for anything other than bicycles. I’m always dodging trash.2 On a bike, it’s no big deal; I’m still in the bike lane. On a trike? I think I’d end up in the car lane a lot more often.

I’m curious about the Kaylad-e’s weight. I like the bragging rights of providing all my power. If the trike is too heavy, I would have to use the motor to get up some hills or more.

Finally, along with its width comes wind resistance. Maybe it’s not much more than a bike, but I notice the wind sitting upright on my city bike and can feel a real difference if I crouch down into a more aerodynamic position.3

I’d like to see this become reality, if only to take it for a test ride.4

  1. At which I stop. No comment. 
  2. And roadkill. Eww. :-/ 
  3. Which, for me, is uncomfortable and not near as fun. I like sitting upright and looking around while I bike. With the distances I bike, I’d rather get there a little later than suffer. 
  4. I just wonder whether it’s as practical as a cycle truck

5. Yes, having a post with footnotes is already ridiculous. Yes, an appendix transcends self-parody. I AM WHAT I AM.

Ken White (Popehat)

Ha! A blog post with an Appendix — I never thought of that. 1 :-D

  1. Until now… ;-) 

Friends’ Friends

Friends' Friends

MIT Technology Review mentioned the Friendship Paradox, in which, due to outliers and “the topology of networks,” your friends on average have more friends than you do. The article goes on to suggest that your friends probably are more wealthy and happy, too.

I was curious to see how my Facebook friends’ friend counts measured up. My Facebook friends average 434 friends.1 Only 67% of my FB friends have less than that many friends, so the article could be false for 33% of my FB friends (including me).

This also explains my two previous posts.

  1. My data isn’t perfect, because 24 of my friends prevent me from seeing their entire friend list; I can only see mutual friends. Thus I have no idea how many Facebook friends those friends have. 

What is the Monkeysphere?. “What do monkeys have to do with war, oppression, crime, racism and even e-mail spam? You’ll see that all of the random ass-headed cruelty of the world will suddenly make perfect sense once we go Inside the Monkeysphere.” Warning: coarse language,1 plus the claim that you can’t have as many friends as your Facebook profile probably suggests.

  1. Derp. I included some in the quote… :-( 

Dunbar’s number. “A suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.” In contrast to those who collect “friends” on Facebook like playing Cookie Clicker.