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I don’t drink, dance, or gamble. Yeah, I’m the life of the party here in Vegas… :-/

Biking Recap for December 2012, for 2012, and for January 2013


Yesterday, Jamison wanted to go for a bike ride. Before we left, I took a picture of my bike’s odometer. I needn’t have bothered. It has the same number it did at the end of November. That means I didn’t bike in December or January. Pitiful!

December: 0 miles
2012: 933 miles1

January: 0 miles

I didn’t get my 1,000 miles for last year, but it’s a new year.

It’s time to get on the bike.

172,691 – 71,758

The only measure of a great team is whether it accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish.

Patrick Lencioni, in The Advantage