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A Wet Christmas Tree

We seem to be busier this year than most. Because it is the Logan family reunion year, we weren’t able to cut the tree during Melissa’s Thanksgiving break. So there were fewer of us.

We’ve cut our Christmas tree down under blue skies, gray skies, and snowy skies. Today, we “enjoyed” wet skies.

Having cut a wide tree last hear, we set out to find a narrower, lighter tree. We visited the same tree farm as the last couple of years. This year, they offered to cut the tree and carry it to the car. Having remembered to bring a plastic bag to kneel on and borrowing one of their recently-sharpened saws, I cut the tree. We did let them schlep the cut tree to the car, hoist it up, and tie it down. Nice!

We brought the tree home, washed it down, shook it off, and put it up.

Now, it’s time to decorate the tree.

Photo credits: All the pictures came from Ashley’s camera. Suzi took the picture that inludes Ashley. Ashley took the others.

Jamison’s Winter Piano Recital – 2012

Jamison at the pianoJamison played at the winter piano recital and was recognized for  passing OMTA level 8. Too cool!

I remember piano recitals as terrifying experiences: students’ performances arranged in order or worth with everyone listening for any tiny mistake and laughing to each other behind covered mouths. I would guess my memory’s not entirely accurate, but that’s what recitals felt like.

Do you remember recitals? Did you enjoy them?

Decorating for the Holidays

Ho! To celebrate the season,1 I’ve donned my Santa hat and activated the snow machine. *<:-)

I hope your holiday preparations are going well. I’m off to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane stirring stick. c[_]

1Happy christmahannukwanzaadon/festivus!
This is a yearly tradition. Thanks to the list I created last year, it’s easier to make all the necessary changes: here, Gravatar, Google profile, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Disqus, Intense Debate, Diaspora…

Powerball is a Sucker’s Bet

Today, a lot of people are buying Powerball tickets for the first time. After all, the estimated jackpot is $550 million!1 But is their “investment” a smart bet?

After reviewing the Powerball odds and prizes page, it might seem so. Using the estimated jackpot, the expected value for a $2 ticket is $2.42.

Unfortunately, this calculation ignores the possibility of multiple winners having to split the jackpot.2 It also ignores the taxes.3

So buy a ticket if you want an infinitesimal chance at winning.4 But don’t waste your time buying two. After all, although the first ticket increases your odds an infinite percentage from zero, the second ticket merely doubles your odds.

Good luck! You’ll need it…

1Cash value is actually “only” $360.2 million. But still — $550 million. That’s more than half a billion dollars!!
2The probability of multiple winners is not zero, especially when millions of tickets are being bought. You can improve your odds of avoiding duplication by going for the quick pick. These are more random than choosing “personal numbers,” which are likely to be limited to numbers 31 and lower.
3The odds of paying taxes on this are virtually 100%. Knowing how to avoid them is above my pay grade.
4After all, if you want to get struck by lightning, you should be out standing in a field.

If you want to get struck by lightning, you should be out standing in a field.