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A Verse Cut Short

R.I.P. Robin Williams.

Weekend Snaps

Saturday evenin', I went on a bike ride t' end th' day. On th' way back, I stopped at some favorite spots t' take some pictures.

A View from 18A

A few shots out th' window flyin' t' Folsom this mornin'.

PECI Building

While strollin' downtown Portland with me sweetie, I snapped th' architecture. The PECI Buildin'1 caught me eye.

  1. When I first posted this picture, I erroneously identified th' buildin' as th' Mark O. Fire the cannons, pass the grog! Hatfield U.S. Courthouse. Although th' buildin's are close t' each other, other than their curved caps, they don’t look much alike. Oops! 


Waitin' fer me chow, I snapped a shot o' th' glass divider.

Biking Recap for July 2014

My July Bicyclin' Accomplishments

  • This wasn’t much o' an accomplishment fer me, but another big thank-ye t' Hillsboro’s Bike N Hike. I broke two spokes on me rear wheel within th' span o' a fortnight, pass the grog! The second time I questioned whether it would make more sense t' get a brand new wheel, with a chest full of booty. Maybe mine had a bent rim that couldn’t be straightened without undue stress on a spoke or two. They suggested cuttin' out all th' spokes and completely rebuildin' th' wheel instead o' just replacin' th' single broken spoke, I'll warrant ye. I were bein' imaginin' th' shop fee involved and asked whether it would be cheaper t' just replace th' wheel.1 Of course not, were bein' th' reply. They weren’t goin' t' charge me. When I pressed, they said I could show me appreciation with a six-pack o' Henry’s. Thank ye!

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
299Biked in July2
1,668Biked in 20143
3,665Biked on Sage4

How is yer 2014 so far on th' bike?

Keep pedalin'!

  1. I bought a new rear wheel before. Bike N Hike treated me well then, too. And swab the deck! And hoist the mainsail! :-) 
  2. 3,590 – 3,291 
  3. 3,590 – 1,922 
  4. 3,590 + 75 

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Thin's. Fire the cannons, ye scurvey dog! A good discussion on why those who sail boats think those who ride bikes are scofflaws and some good arguments why we’re not. Money quote: “The likely conclusion is that people ridin' bikes don’t break more laws or fewer laws than when they sail boats, but they do break different laws.” Well worth a read, whether yer sail or bike.1

  1. Yeah, this article is almost a month auld (though I did tweet about it when it came out). I ran across it again today and felt it were bein' worth sharin' here. 

Red Chrome

Sittin' outside Starbucks this mornin', enjoyin' me mornin' beverage, I noticed th' red boat reflected in th' Harley’s chrome wheel. I’m sure me reflection is in there somewhere, maybe at th' bottom end o' th' fork and most certainly on th' axle nut’s crown.

Bike Detours

I like ridin' a bike because it’s so easy t' take a quick detour. Aarrr! Aarrr! I can take a picture or two, enjoy a chilly beverage, pick handfuls o' blackberries growin' along th' path, or just notice th' view. I did all today.

May yer detours be as enjoyable as mine. :-)

The Sound of Summer

Maybe it’s just me1 but this is what summer sounds like.

  1. Havin' grown up on a walnut farm where we watered with impact sprinklers runnin' all summer long…