Morning Commute, Part X

Another morning with a rainy commute, but today’s was more of a drizzle than a steady rain.

Yes, I learned my lesson yesterday: don’t intentionally ride through puddles. When I got to work yesterday, I could tilt my shoes and feel the water flow downhill. Today, the shoes I rode in are dry enough not to change.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Morning Commute, Part IX

After a couple of days off due to business travel to Arizona, I’m back in the saddle. Today’s was my first commute in steady rain in a long time.

Having dry shoes and socks in my DIY bucket pannier was great. A dry change of warmer clothes, though not necessary, was nice too.

Thanks to the blustery rain, I had a great tailwind most the way in to work. Maybe the wind could calm down before the ride back home. Hmm… The weather forecast doesn’t look promising.

I hope your commute to work is as enjoyable as mine. :-)

Morning Commute, Part VIII

The trees have disrobed, dropping their leaves to coat the ground. Next to these bare trees another tree, still bright green, clings to its summer garb.

I can relate: my long pants rest in the closet, waiting for freezing temperatures.

Have you embraced the change of seasons?

Biking Recap for October 2013

Amazingly, biking 2,000 miles in a single year could be possible for me, though I hesitate to even mention it.

October was beautiful with autumn colors and pleasant weather. Sooner or later, the long wet will hit. Then we will see whether I continue to ride.

My October Bicycling Accomplishments

  • I continued my streak of not commuting to work by car since sometime in May.
  • I used my bike for transportation for destinations other than work (board meetings, lunch, hair cut), though not for my guitar lessons. My bike is not set up to haul an electric guitar and I’m not going to put it in a gig bag.
  • I took long bike rides during lunch, even learning first hand why it’s better turn turn right at SW Cedar Hills Boulevard instead of continuing on up

Mileage Summary

Distance Time / Bike
349 miles Biked in October 20131
1,725 miles Biked in 20132
1,560 miles Biked on Sage3

Keep pedaling!

  1. 1,485 – 1,136 
  2. 1,485 + 240 
  3. 1,485 + 75