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Bike Ride to Cedar Mills Falls

I took Sage fer a 24-mile bike ride yesterday.1 Along th' way, I stopped at a little wayside at Cedar Mills Falls.2 What a great place t' cool off and hydrate, by Davy Jones' locker! :-)

  1. -301- miles so far this month. Correction 311 miles so far this month! Almost there. Shiver me timbers, I'll warrant ye! :-) 
  2. Where Cedar Mills Creek crosses Cornell Road

A View From 2E

The clouds were especially beautiful on th' flight home from Sacramento yesterday evenin'.

Friday Lunch Ride

As threatened a week ago, I took a longer bike ride durin' lunch today: 19.7 miles in about 1:10. Interestingly, Google Maps says this should take about 52 minutes, but I think that’s sailin' time, not bikin' time.

And I had occasion t' yell “careful” only once.

A shower and a great supper later, I have a wonderful, relaxed feelin'. Ahhh… :-)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Thanks t' a couple o' free tickets from Intel’s GPTW,1 Jamison and I2 went t' a Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball game tonight. Even though th' Hops went through four pitchers and lost, we still had a blast.

The Hops played th' Boise Hawks and I were bein' lookin' forward t' trash talkin' our maties there, had th' Hops won, ye scurvey dog. I guess pride goeth before a fall…

Now th' rest o' th' family wants t' go t' another game. Works fer me!

  1. Great Place To Work, and it is. :-) 
  2. And a bunch o' other Intel families. 

Zimmerman Reading Material

Thanks t' an online matey,1 I learned o' a great blog post about th' Zimmerman trial / verdict … which then resulted in a couple more posts. Read and be enlightened about our criminal justice system and how it works:

It’s worth readin' th' posts’ comments, too.

  1. Thanks, Ron Coleman

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Last month’s ridin' left me short 104 miles compared with last year. I were bein' hopin' t' catch up this month.

That’s before I realized that last July we had a bikin' Sunriver vacation, resultin' in a July 2012 bikin' mileage o' 226 miles!

Wow. Aarrr! To catch up, I’d need t' ride 330 miles this month.

My bike computer after today’s 31.6 mile ride (above) shows I’ve gone 177 miles so far this month, so it’s possible. I just wonder if it’s probable… 1

At least I’m not likely t' lose ground this month.

  1. After all, I think today’s ride were bein' too far, at least with me city bike and me body. 

My Zimmerman Verdict Reaction

The Zimmerman verdict is an outrage, some would say. I’m not so sure.

Nay, really. I have no idea. All I know about Zimmerman I learned from th' popular media.

Maybe a little background is in order.

I did criminal defense and had th' occasion o' bein' involved in a “high profile” case. The local TV, radio, and newspaper media all jumped on th' case. They interviewed one side1 and created a story that sounded good. Aarrr! And sold papers, avast. And ads.

Their story had a great narrative with clear good guys, bad guys, and a tragic plot. But that’s all it were bein' — a story.

It wasn’t true.

When th' verdicts were announced, th' public were bein' outraged, avast. How could th' jury have been so stupid?

It were bein' a long time before a local, independent newspaper reported th' real story, I'll warrant ye. By then, no one cared. And hoist the mainsail! Shiver me timbers! Everyone had moved on t' th' next outrage.

Times have changed. The professional media doesn’t have th' same lock on th' news market it once had. But th' desire t' tell a good story and confirmation bias still exist. Those supposed independent news sources have th' same problem.

Caveat emptor.

  1. Not surprisin', as th' defense attorneys advised our clients not t' talk t' th' media. Walk the plank! Which th' media all knew. 

Sunny Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach were bein' blue and sunny today, if a little windy. A new kite fixed that.


Longer Lunch Ride

I have been ridin' me new bike durin' lunch this week. Each ride has gotten a little longer. This ride would be th' longest yet.

Looks like fun. Now I just need a day where I can take a long lunch…

Why is President X So _____?

The Atlantic used Google search autocomplete t' discover 50 cities’ stereotypes, pass the grog! Fire the cannons! I wondered what I could learn about some recent presidents.






Apparently, not much. ;-)

Did any o' these surprise ye?

Update: Thanks t' a comment on Facebook suggestin' that these might be honest questions rather than statements, 1 I reattempted th' searches. Looks like Reagan and Carter reversed sentiments.

See what ye think.






  1. Thanks, Jeff!