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“What kind of idiot are you?” Those used to be fighting words. Now they just sound like another Buzzfeed quiz.

Dave Pell

How to Name a Baby. Among other things, why Ashley will be an Old Lady Name. Good to know…1

  1. Though it’s too late for us. Yet, when discussing her name’s fate with her, Ashley seemed quite comfortable with it. 

Biking Recap for February 2014


Two months in and I’ve already biked farther than I did in the first half of last year. Woo hoo!

My February Bicycling Accomplishments

  • I biked to work almost every day I worked in Hillsboro. I skipped one day because I drove Jamison and some others to an engineering field trip later in the day. And, well, I drove a couple more days because there was a lot of snow in the neighborhood, snow on the bike lanes, and too much traffic to want to take the lane. And I didn’t bike the day Heather and I went to the beach earlier this week. And I worked in Folsom a couple of days. And February is a short month to start with. Huh. I’m starting to wonder whether I biked at all this month… ;-)
  • The first day it snowed, I biked. Most people stayed home. I probably should have. It was an exercise in balance getting out of the neighborhood. The bike lanes were covered with snow. But there was virtually no traffic, so I just rode in the lane. Maybe three cars passed me in two miles — wondering who that idiot was riding his bike to work. Ha! :-D

Mileage Summary

miles biked 2014 feb
DistanceTime / Bike
133 milesBiked in February 20141
312 milesBiked in 20142

How is your 2014 so far on the bike? Or are you waiting for warmer, dryer, less frozen weather?

Keep pedaling!

  1. 2,234 – 2,101 
  2. 2,234 – 1,922 

You’re My Favorite, No Comma

“You’re my favorite Ashley.” Me
“You’re my favorite Heather.” Me
“You’re my favorite Melissa.” Me
“You’re my favorite Jamison.” Me

Yes, I tell our kids they are my favorites. And I might pause slightly after “favorite” but it will be accompanied with a wink — and no comma. After all, I don’t want our kids to think I favor one over the others. Instead, our kids know they are my favorite Ashley, Heather, Melissa, and Jamison.1

And our kids are smart — smart enough that I’ll hear in response:

“You’re my favorite Dad.”

Nope. No pause. No comma. Touché!

  1. With apologies to all the other Ashleys, Heathers, Melissas, and Jamisons out there. I’m sure you understand.