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Caddy Wheel

Before headin' into Starbucks fer me mornin' beverage, I hopped off me bike t' snap this wheel.1 Mmm… :-)

  1. As an “Easter egg,” me bike’s front wheel is reflected in th' wheel’s badge. Yeah, I meant t' do that. ;-) 

A Fire to be Kindled

The mind is not a vessel t' be filled but a fire t' be kindled.


JF3 Courtyard Detail

While waitin' fer an all-day class on workin' with th' government t' start, I looked up.

Queen Anne’s Sunset

Last night, I biked t' th' Hillsboro airport t' watch th' sun set. Aarrr! Thanks t' low clouds, th' sunset were bein' o'er before it started, but still made a nice backdrop fer some Queen Anne’s lace.1

  1. In addition t' snappin' th' picture above, I learned that I’m gay, and a bucket o' chum. This, accordin' t' some discriminatin' bloke who hollered, “F**k ye, f*g!” as he tooled by with his dirty pickup, avast. This were bein' a surprise, even t' me. ;-) 


Prejudice, not bein' founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument.


Wired Ride

My lunch ride today were bein' along th' Rock Creek Trail underneath some impressive power lines. Out came me camera.

Power poles have incredible variety. Ahoy! Ahoy! Every pole solves a different problem o' topography, relationship t' adjacent poles and need fer lateral bracin', wires t' nearby poles and t' th' ground, and wireless antennas.

So many poles, so little time, avast. :-)


Headed back t' work on me lunchtime ride, I took a quick snap o' th' field north o' Costco.

Crowd-Powered Journalism Becomes Crucial When Traditional Media is Unwilling or Unable

Crowd-powered journalism becomes crucial when traditional media is unwillin' or unable, we'll keel-haul ye! “[T]he ability t' have those real-time news reports — both verified and unverified — available fer free t' any user o' th' network is important not just because it allows us t' see what is happenin' t' th' protesters and their civil rights, but also because it reveals First Amendment abuses like th' dismantlin' o' cameras and other equipment used by media outlets, or th' arrest o' people fer recordin' th' activities o' police, which as me colleague Jeff Roberts points out is legal, despite what police forces across th' country seem t' believe (or want t' believe).”1

  1. Hat tip. Dave Pell

Awaiting The Day

A row o' shoppin' carts at th' local Costco await th' day.

Digital Citizenship: Be Ready To Live Stream

Wise words. I’m signin' up.

Update. Gigaom’s Mathew Ingram on “Crowd-powered journalism becomes crucial when traditional media is unwillin' or unable.”1

  1. Hat tip: Dave Pell