Morning Commute, Part XII

Dawson Creek

I thought I would get rained on this morning or at least on the way home. Didn’t happen. Unfortunately, the day was too busy to rack up much mileage.

Every time I post a picture of this stand of trees, I think I held my camera crooked. Than I look at the trees in the background…


Morning Commute, Part X


Another morning with a rainy commute, but today’s was more of a drizzle than a steady rain.

Yes, I learned my lesson yesterday: don’t intentionally ride through puddles. When I got to work yesterday, I could tilt my shoes and feel the water flow downhill. Today, the shoes I rode in are dry enough not to change.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Morning Commute, Part IX

Dawson Creek in the rain

After a couple of days off due to business travel to Arizona, I’m back in the saddle. Today’s was my first commute in steady rain in a long time.

Having dry shoes and socks in my DIY bucket pannier was great. A dry change of warmer clothes, though not necessary, was nice too.

Thanks to the blustery rain, I had a great tailwind most the way in to work. Maybe the wind could calm down before the ride back home. Hmm… The weather forecast doesn’t look promising.

I hope your commute to work is as enjoyable as mine. :-)