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Brisk Stand

Hillsboro’s temperature continues to be cold — today’s lunch ride was a brisk 24 degrees. Yet, with no wind, I felt warmer and faster than last Friday’s ride. Only my feet were cold, and that’s easily fixable.

On the way back, I passed through Rock Creek Trail Park and snapped another photo. I’ve been there before.

Mousse on the Couch

Mousse knows she’s not supposed to be on the couch. Just like she knows she’s not supposed to chase the cats, lick the dirty silverware in the dishwasher, or play in the compost pile.1

It’s a good thing she can’t read2 or this post would encourage her toward more disobedience.

  1. Mmm… Compost kisses. 
  2. Or critique my focus. :-( 

Cold Lunch Ride

I’m back from my lunch ride: 27 degrees1 with 20 mph winds (gusts to 30). No wonder I felt like a slug going upwind. Well, that, and the fact that it’s pretty hard to get enough oxygen through those little holes in the face mask.

  1. Btw, I love this cold weather. I wear my flannel-lined jeans to work; no one knows they feel just like jammies. ;-) 

Thanks, Bike N’ Hike!

Yesterday I discovered a broken a spoke in my rear wheel. Today I took it to Bike N’ Hike, knowing they’d get me rolling again. After I told them I hoped to get it fixed sometime today, they removed the cogs and spoke guard, installed a new spoke and nipple, and trued the wheel. Putting it back together, they handed me the wheel and said, “Get out of here. We have enough of your money.”1

Woo hoo! Thanks, guys.2 :-)

  1. I don’t know if they have enough of it, but we’ve bought five bikes from them in the past few years. I returned later today to buy some new brake pads. I think it’s about time to get Suzi a fun, new city bike. 
  2. This isn’t the first time Bike N’ Hike’s taken good care of me

Chances of Smiley are Good

I like1 short messages.2 :-)

  1. As I was reviewing my text messages, I noticed shorter messages tended to end with smileys; longer messages might not include one at all. Also, my shortest texts are just smileys. Maybe my grin that a short text inspires compels me to express it. Upon reflection, I think this graph also applies to my emails. 
  2. And long footnotes. ;-) 

Excuses, Excuses

Monday morning, I loaded up my bike and noticed the rear tire was soft. I pumped up the tire and decided to work from home. There was my not-drive-to-work streak to maintain, after all.

Tuesday, the tire felt okay, I topped it off, and rode to work. A long ride during lunch and it was a little squishy on the way home, but I blamed the cold.

Wednesday morning, the tire was soft again. I drove to work and checked the tire in the evening. Still not entirely flat. Hmm…

My technique of fixing things is cleaning them until I discover something amiss. So I cleaned the inside and outside of the tire. I cleaned the rim, its braking surfaces, and even the cogs.1 Still nothing obviously wrong or pointy.

I pulled the rim strip to see if anything prickly was hiding beneath. And a spoke went feral. Somehow,2 a spoke head snapped off, allowing the nipple to poke the tube … maybe.

Regardless, the wheel needs fixed. Looks like my bike’s going to get some service.3

  1. Yeah, the outside of the rim and the cogs were unlikely to cause the flat but I’ve been known to clean parts only peripherally related to possible problems. 
  2. Actually, breaking spokes is one of the potential joys of being a cycling “Clydesdale.” 
  3. And the car’s going to get a little more use. :-( 

Streak Broken

Boom! Just like that, I broke my bike-to-work streak.

In Memory, Donna Duffield

Donna Duffield, my mother-in-law, passed early the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve spent a week trying to write something that would do justice to her life. It’s impossible. She was indeed an amazing woman.

So instead, I post this picture of “Mother-in-Law, Dear” from long ago, wishing she could call me “Sonny” one more time, like she always did.

Rest in peace, mom. We’ll see you later.

2,000 Miles in 2013

Woo hoo! Today I biked my 2,000th mile1 this year. Only 994 more until 3,000… ;-)

  1. Twice my goal

Jamison at Rowena

On the way home, we stopped again at Mayer State Park. Both Jamison and I took some pictures.