A View from the Exit Row

737 Wing

Mmm… :-)

Today’s airport experience in PDX was downright nice: the TSA was scanning boarding passes at the far end of the line and sending a large portion through the “PRE” line. Those of us lucky enough to be selected went through security pre-9/11 style: coats, shoes, and belts stayed on and computers remained packed. As another passenger said, “It’s like were not the enemy today.”

I hope your day was filled with nice surprises, too.


Rock Creek Trail Park Bridge

Rock Creek Bridge

Another beautiful day in Hillsboro!

I took a bike ride,1 exploring the Rock Creek area north of Highway 26. On the way back, I traveled the same trails as last week. I aimed the camera in the opposite direction to capture the sun peering between the trees, and then went crazy2 with Google+’s photo editor to make it look a little like water color. I hope you like it.

How was your day?

  1. Only 22 miles more until 2,000 miles on the bike this year. 
  2. I’m getting more comfortable modifying the pictures from the original

Morning Commute, Part XVIII


Today was another chilly, sub-freezing morning, though the picture I snapped on the way to work could pass for early spring.1

I dressed for bicycling in the cold: rain pants over long pants, rain jacket over long sleeved T-shirt and long sleeved pullover, Gore-Tex helmet liner, headband over nose and mouth, full-finger gloves, and sunglasses. Amazingly, I did not overheat. Instead, my feet got cold. If this weather continues, I think I’ll try a couple of pairs of socks.

  1. Fewer leaves than a month ago

Rock Creek Trail Park

Rock Creek Trail Park

Today’s bike ride had such potential. I was going to ride my longer loop to Cedar Hills Blvd., maybe even extend it up to Skyline for some pretty serious (for me) bragging rights. And then I felt a couple of rain drops just beyond 185th. So I wimped, turned around, and got a hot drink instead. Mmm… :-) c[_]

It’s okay. I’m at 1,850 miles for the year. I still haven’t driven to work. But winter is coming.

And I found time to take some pictures at Rock Creek Trail Park. It’s not the first time.


Bill Gates on Making a Difference

Melinda and I have focused on poverty and disease globally, and on education in the US. We picked those issues by starting with an idea we learned from our parents: Everyone’s life has equal value. If you begin with that premise, you quickly see where the world acts as though some lives aren’t worth as much as others. That’s where you can make the greatest difference, where every dollar you spend is liable to have the greatest impact.

Bill Gates