QR Codes from Google Chart API

The Google Chart API now generates QR Codes.

For example, the following URL results in the QR Code for http://blogan.net/.


QR Code for http://blogan.net

Note, the above list URL is shown on two lines for space reasons only. It should be one continuous URL with no spaces.

Interestingly, the <img> form to embed the resulting QR Code in a web page does not (yet?) work. I guess that’s to be expected when using an undocumented feature of the API.

Update: The following now works:

<img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=100x100&cht=qr&chl=http://blogan.net/" />

resulting in the image below:

Quote of the Day — Dick Morris

The danger Wright presents is obvious enough. Wright has come to epitomize everything white Americans fear in an African-American public figure, secular or clerical. He is anti-white, anti-American, and avidly embraces and propagates all manner of bizarre conspiracy theories.


But if Wright has come to be the poster child for what America fears in a black public figure, he gives Obama an opportunity to be the opposite. By playing off Wright, by attacking his views in depth and detail, Obama can define himself as the un-Wright, reassuring Americans and carving out his identity in opposition to the reverend’s rantings.

Dick Morris

Quote of the Day — Andrew Sullivan

I guess I am late to the party, am I not? I didn’t watch Jeremiah Wright’s National Press Club performance live this morning, as every other blogger seemed to. Wright is not on the ticket of any major party, he is not Barack Obama, and I’m not going to be baited into making this campaign about him, or the boomer cultural racial obsessions that so many want this vital election to be about.

But then I actually read what he said.

Andrew Sullivan

There’s Still Time to Register for the Oregon Primary

Oregon’s primary isn’t until May 20, long after when I thought the primaries would be decided. Looks like I was wrong.

If you want to vote for who should be the next president (or who shouldn’t be), you still have time to register. For first-time registrations in Oregon and changing party affiliations, the deadline is 21 days before the election.

Register now!