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An Untapped Resource

If you were trying to win an election, where would you focus your efforts? Which candidates do you think are most successful in inspiring new voters?

And, maybe not as untapped this election season

Source: Voter Turnout.

Love Your Enemy

Love your enemy. “That’s a powerful message, and it turns out, one of the greatest challenges in life.”

Happy Valentines Day

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Hat tip: Google LatLong.

Quote of the Day — Ronald Reagan

Where is today’s Reagan?

I Love to Love Ya, Baby

Question: Is the intersection of lust, attraction, and attachment:

  • The perfect relationship; or
  • Technology addiction?

“Not So Super” Delegates

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Learn more about superdelegates.

Cut the Cheese

Oh, yeah. If I pull your finger, you’ll be cutting the cheese within seconds.” Reminds me of a certain claim made by my young son on a family trip. Good times. ;-)

A Problem for Conservatives

Are conservatives going to be voting for McCain or against the Democrat candidate?

Neither prospect makes me very happy.

A Message of Hope

Funny how in a campaign where every Republican candidate is trying to be the second coming of Ronald “Morning in America” Reagan, it’s Barack Obama who inspires hope.

…And not John McCain.

Why aren’t Republicans the party of hope?

Undecided Voters

Are you more valuable as a potential voter if you’re educated on the issues or a blank slate?

Inspired by Indexed.