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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-09

  • Getting ready to go to guitar group. With guitar group I know I’m going to play my guitar at least once a week. #
  • Recovering my password to Jaiku. #
  • People (okay, @jabancroft and @Scobleizer) appear to be using Jaiku different than Twitter. Jaiku aggregates feeds, Titter for comments. #
  • Oh, now that was an unfortunate misspellinization. #
  • I was going to investigate Jaiku a little today, but I guess I’m going to have to wait until the hubbub dies down. It seems to be slammed. #
  • Note to self: the day after a federal holiday is not a good day to go to the post office. #

Book and Blog: Gluten-Free Girl

ISBN is 0470137304

On the way home from guitar group last night, I stopped at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. Very little compares to the relaxation of wandering through a bookstore with a hot drink in hand. I’ve been told that I need to visit the library more and book stores less, but I wasn’t particularly planning on buying much tonight. I wandered through the magazines, computers, technology, and science. I meandered down the center aisle to see the displays of new books. That’s when I discovered Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back…And How You Can Too, by Shauna James Ahern.

Gluten-free living is of interest in the Logan household because Suzi was diagnosed with celiac disease in the last year or two. We’d had an earlier brush with with it years ago when a doctor told us one of our daughters probably had it. Fortunately, he was wrong — the culprit was too much apple juice.

The book looked interesting, but remained on the shelf so I could do more research. Fortunately, Ms. Ahern has a blog, also called “Gluten-Free Girl.” I’m checking out her writing, recipes, and book tour schedule. She’ll be coming through Portland, Ore. in just a few weeks. Might be worth getting an autographed copy then.

I don’t know if you have celiac. According to the statistics a lot of people who do don’t know either. Either way, you might find Ms. Ahern’s blog and book worth a read.

Hugh Hewitt Asks a Stupid Question

Hugh Hewitt is asking callers the following question:

Think of the worst teacher at your child’s school. Would you want him or her carrying a gun at school?

Not surprisingly, a lot of callers are saying, “no.”

One of the callers had the intelligent retort:

If you’re talking about just that one teacher, then the answer’s no. But if all the teachers could carry, then sure.

After all, those in favor of gun carry believe that knowing anyone could be carrying tends to discourage bad behavior. As the saying goes, “an armed society is a polite society.”

To illustrate the stupidity of Hewitt’s question, rephrase it by replacing the word “teacher” with “police officer” or “soldier” or “FBI agent” or anyone else who could carry a gun. The answer’s still “no.”

But in a free society we don’t grant “privileges” based on whether the worst of us will abuse them. We deny rights only for good reason and after due process.

Hewitt seems to think that just because the majority of parents would answer “no” to his question that it’s a good idea to ban teachers from carrying handguns on campus. I wonder if he’d also agree that it would also be a good idea to ban lawyers from being able to be talk show hosts on the AM dial. I bet we could get a majority in favor of that proposal, too.

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