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Sh*t, Meet Hill

Choose: :

  • A civil engineer’s curriculum; or
  • Watch out! A management principle, ignored at one’s peril?

Phony Statistics

Need some salt?

Lessig ’08

Not my district (nor my politics), but I’ll be watching Lessig ’08. (No RSS feed?!)

Question: Would you rather be represented in congress by someone with integrity or who agreed with you on the issues?

CNN Fires Blogger

CNN fires a blogger. Just added to my RSS feed.

Work Life Balance

Zero sum game or blurring of the boundaries?

Presidential Dianognosis

The intersection of messiah complex, habitual prevaricator, and masochistic tendencies

At the intersection…

  • Mentally ill, or
  • Presidential candidate

Exerslog Not Quite Dead

I wrote a new post at Exerslog. I had to. Google Reader was taunting me that it was inactive. No promises for the future, though.

An Untapped Resource

If you were trying to win an election, where would you focus your efforts? Which candidates do you think are most successful in inspiring new voters?

And, maybe not as untapped this election season

Source: Voter Turnout.

Love Your Enemy

Love your enemy. “That’s a powerful message, and it turns out, one of the greatest challenges in life.”

Happy Valentines Day

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Hat tip: Google LatLong.