Quote of the Day — Dave Winer

Truth — Hillary has no actual experience to justify the 3AM ad. She’s never held an executive government position. 0 years experience. #

Same with McCain, btw, who makes the experience claims Hillary does. #

Woke up at 3AM to see how I felt about George Bush answering the phone at the White House. No conclusion. Went back to sleep. #

From Dave Winer on Twitter.

Update: Dave weighs in on being my Quote of the Day:

Quote of the Day. Heh. #

Hard to beat that! ;-)

Intel’s New Cubes

New Intel Cubes

Intel is experimenting with brighter, lower, smaller “cubicles” and workspaces. The new layout is intended to improve collaboration and avoid the “rat maze” look of typical cubes. It will be interesting to see whether it works or instead, increases distractions.

I’m staying in the old-style cubes, but attended the open house today with Josh Bancroft, who took pictures and will be moving in shortly.

Update: MediumTall also blogged the open house. He embeds a news video that shows Josh and me at 0:20!

Update 2: Josh posts some of the pictures he took of on TinyScreenfuls.com. I even took one of those pictures. Can you guess which one? [Update: Looks like it's still available here.]

The Torture Playlist

Our military prisons play the “torture playlist” to wear down prisoners. Let’s see… Barney theme song, check. Meow Mix TV commercial, check. Sesame Street theme song, check. Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, check.

What were you expecting?

Oh, I probably should warn you. If you follow the link, you’ll likely be offended by the titles and lyrics of some of the songs. You have been warned. Yeah, I know. That’s what you were expecting.

One More Inane Blog Post on the Intertubes, This One About Bathroom Paper Towel Dispensors

I got to bed late last night, so today’s post is lame and rambling, just like always. Scott Adams

The restrooms at work have those motion activated paper towel dispensers. You know the type: wave your dripping hand in front of the sensor, it dispenses a length of paper towel. Want more paper? You have to tear off the sheet before it will give you more.

My first reaction: I wish I’d invented these. They’re everywhere. Somebody’s making money.

My next reaction: this was a solution in search of a problem but didn’t find it. Motion activation in the restroom must be a great idea, right? After all, who wants to touch levers in the bathroom after someone else who was doing you know what? And motion sensors for most of the stuff in the restroom makes sense. You wouldn’t want them activating at random times. That could waste water or soap. Worse, they probably wouldn’t activate until long after they should. (Reminds me of the April fool’s announcement that the automatic toilets would flush after every other use to save water, but I digress…)

The concern about waste doesn’t apply to paper towel dispensers. If the paper is dispensed before it’s needed, it just hangs there waiting. It doesn’t go down the drain. It doesn’t somehow prematurely age. And as a wonderful side effect, it’s ready when you are.

So why not design the paper towel dispenser to always have a length of paper ready to tear off? When paper’s torn off, it would dispense another length. No hand waving necessary.

Requiring tear sensors wouldn’t add cost; the motion activated dispensers already have them. If you’re concerned that someone will take (and waste) an additional length of paper merely because it was so readily offered, have the dispenser delay for a few seconds before dispensing another length.

My work here is done. Time to go home (or find something else to rant about).