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Why You Hate Work

Why You Hate Work, by Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath in the NY Times. “The more effectively leaders and organizations support employees in meeting these core needs, the more likely the employees are to experience engagement, loyalty, job satisfaction and positive energy at work and the lower their perceived levels of stress.” Good piece.

Evening Commute

The weather was beautiful during my regular lunch ride. With my morning’s successful panorama at Dawson Creek, I figured I’d take another pano at Rock Creek Trail Park. I parked the bike, spun the circle, and continued my ride. When I got back to my cube … no picture. I’m not sure what happened. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

I tried another on the way through Dawson Creek on the way home. Huh, that one worked.

I’m not sure how useful the 360-degree panorama is. The are very wide, very short pictures without a lot of visible detail. Maybe I need to find a better way of presenting them on my blog.

Time for more experimentation… ;-)

High Voltage

I like taking pictures of infrastructure. This pole is a hundred meters or so from the power pole I shot a while back.

Daily Commute III

During my bike ride this morning, I took a quick stop to take another picture at my regular photo spot. For fun, I tried the panorama mode on my new smart phone. It includes more than 360 degrees. Ha! I’m not sure the value of that… :-D

Biking Recap for May 2014

My May Bicycling Accomplishments

  • May is my best month of the year, so far. Actually, May is my best month ever! — 471 miles. I think I was getting a little excited about biking more than 3,000 miles in a year, and wanted to make sure I hit my goal. Turns out, I hit it easily. Which leads me to…
  • I have biked 3,060 on Sage, and Sage isn’t yet one year old. Expect a full report in a couple of weeks.

Mileage Summary


DistanceTime / Bike
471Biked in May1
1,063Biked in 20142
3,060Biked on Sage3

How is your 2014 so far on the bike?

Keep pedaling!

  1. 2,985 – 2,514 
  2. 2,514 – 1,922 
  3. 2,985 + 75 

Happy Birthday, Suzi!

For Suzi’s birthday, we kayaked the Willamette River. We rented from Portland Kayak Company and launched from Willamette Park. We cruised around East Island while I took a bunch of pictures.

It was Kevin’s and Yuna’s first times on kayaks — you wouldn’t have known. We all had a blast!

We need to do this again. :-)

Insomnia’s New Unofficial Spokesmodel

A friend of mine has taken to posting pictures of himself enjoying his Insomnia quad shot breve latte on the weekends. Today, his posting of multiple pictures called for the gif treatment. This had to be done.1

Enjoy! c[_]

  1. If only Facebook allowed animated gifs… 

Friday Afternoon Superhero

My online bio claims:

Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Bicycle commuter. Blood donor. Snapshooter extraordinaire.

Today, I renewed my commitment to giving blood. In a couple of hours1, I saved up to three lives.2

I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to convince anyone to go with me, but I hold out hope. Will you join me next time?3

  1. Including my walk to and from the Hillsboro public library, which is right next to my Dawson Creek “photo spot.” My traditional reward at Starbucks afterward might have taken a little extra time. :-) 
  2. What did you accomplish this afternoon? ;-) 
  3. I’ll adjust my schedule. I’ll talk you through it. I’ve already written on giving blood for wimps

A Question, Waiting to be Answered

An amazing ad! Kudos, Google. :-)

Privacy Under Attack: The NSA Files Revealed New Threats to Democracy

Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy, by Eben Moglen.1 “It is utterly inconsistent with the American ideal to attempt to fasten procedures of totalitarianism on American constitutional self-governance. But there is an even deeper inconsistency between those ideals and the subjection of every other society on earth to mass surveillance.” Recommended reading.

  1. Hat tip: Bruce Schneier. There’s more to learn in the comments on his link. Based on lectures by Eben Moglen at Columbia Law School in association with the Software Freedom Law Center