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Flu Public Service Announcement

I just love this!

Top Gear’s Test of the Ford Fiesta

Finally — a road test with real life situations.

The fun starts at 4:12, and definitely at 8:05.

“So there you are, Mr. Needham. The most thorough test of a car ever undertaken on British television.”


Hat tip: Daring Fireball.

I’m A Blogger

Comic credit: Geek and Poke. Used under Creative Commons license.

Trolling, Trolling, Trolling

Rawhide! ;-)
Photo credit: NASA.

Intel Rock Star

Friends and family ask what it’s like working at Intel. It’s a lot like this… ;-)

Update: Mike Rogoway’s (of The Oregonian) take on Intel’s ad.

Update 2: Ha! Google likes me! This post shows up in the number two slot on a Google search for “intel rockstar.” I wonder how long that will last…

Google Search screen capture


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Ho! Ho!

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Ha! Ha!

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Hat tip: Cidu Bill at Comics I Don’t Understand.

Good Morning, Monday


Garfield Minus Garfield nails Monday morning.

Twouble With Twitters

I have no friends? Say it isn’t so…