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Buh Bye, Feedburner — Hello URI.LV

I was using Feedburner to provide provide my email subscriptions. Rather than wait for Google to kill Feedburner,1 I have moved my email subscriptions to URI.LV. If all works as planned, those of you who subscribed to my blog will continue to get my new posts (including this one) without disruption. If not, I’ll have some debugging to do.

I also had been using Feedburner to serve my RSS feeds. Same dealio; now URI.LV is doing this.

The subscribe buttons at the top and left now connect to URI.LV’s email newsletter service. RSS feeds should be automatically go to the right place.

Fingers crossed. Looks like it worked. I’m so happy. :-)

1With Google killing Reader, Feedburner is next. Some would argue Feedburner has already received the fatal blow and we just don’t know it.

Decorating for the Holidays

Ho! To celebrate the season,1 I’ve donned my Santa hat and activated the snow machine. *<:-)

I hope your holiday preparations are going well. I’m off to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane stirring stick. c[_]

1Happy christmahannukwanzaadon/festivus!
This is a yearly tradition. Thanks to the list I created last year, it’s easier to make all the necessary changes: here, Gravatar, Google profile, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Disqus, Intense Debate, Diaspora…

Back Up

Running on WordPress nightly builds, it’s amazing how few problems I get. This last week, my blog got bit, and hard.

In the process of bringing everything back, I learned a lot about WordPress’ database structure and ended up with a nice, clean options table.

It’s so nice to be back up!

Good backups are vital. :-)

I Got Winered

A big thanks to Dave Winer for tweeting my last post. I got a spike in traffic, above the fold in the search results, and a warm feeling.* :-)

Don’t think of this as bragging. It’s “sharing experiences with family and close friends.”
Besides, the credit goes to Dave.
*Oh yeah, and my Klout score dropped. Ha! :-D

Picture Reset

Christmas is over. Time to go back to the old profile picture.

I changed it nine1 places. I wonder if I forgot any. Let me know if you see my Santa hat profile picture anywhere., favicon, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Quora, Disqus, Intense Debate, and Klout.