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About Brent Logan


Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Bicycle commuter. Blood donor. Snapshooter extraordinaire.

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Longer version

Welcome to my home on the Internet!

I’m educated as an engineer and a lawyer and I’ve practiced patent law and criminal defense (with just enough divorce thrown in the mix to know I don’t like it, from either side of the conference room table).

Now I’m doing work I love for Intel,1 leading a small engineering design team that creates some cool design validation tools. When your computer powers up successfully, you can thank my team.

I have been writing online since the late 80’s2 when I was running a Fidonet “point plus node” with the tagline:

blogan >>--> hot air powers the point (1:105/4.27)


I used be a “serious” blogger and wrote about politics and religion. Not so much anymore. Now I write about family vacations, bicycling, and other fun stuff we do. I’m also a snapshooter extraordinaire who takes pictures of the sky, buildings, and Dawson Creek Park.

More Information

You can find more information about my blog on the following page.


This is my home on the Internet but I am active elsewhere, too.

  • Facebook. I’m on Facebook because my family and friends from school are there. I link some of my blog posts here, but not all of them. In other words, if you want to read what I write here, subscribe below. Accept no substitutes. ;-)
  • Twitter. I share a bunch of links from the RSS feeds I read, plus rare tweets of wisdom. Expect to see WordPress, electronic freedom, photography, and bicycling stuff there.
  • Ello. Brand spanking new account. Let’s see how this works.
  • Google+. I’m not very active on Google+. For that matter, I’m waiting for Google to pull the plug.
  • Tumblr. I’m not very active on Tumblr either, but that’s because I’m just figuring it out.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is fun to look at but I don’t do much. I love the sailboat pictures here.
  • 500px. I post my best pictures here and get inspired by others’ photos.
  • Instagram. I have fun on Instagram. I love their photo editor. If only it was available as a stand-alone app.


The best way to read my what I post here is subscribing by email.3 Use the form below to get hooked up.

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  1. This is my personal blog. My words are my own and not anyone else’s. Although I work for Intel, I don’t speak for Intel and Intel doesn’t speak for me. More 
  2. That was long before blogs and people were more likely to pronounce blogan with a long “O” sound, making it rhyme with blowgun
  3. Yes, I prefer a RSS reader, but unfortunately, those didn’t catch on. Those of you who prefer RSS know how to subscribe to my full text feed. Not all the pictures end up there, but I do my best.