About Brent Logan


Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Bicycle commuter. Blood donor. Snapshooter extraordinaire.

Longer version

I used to take blogging all serious and wrote about politics and religion. Not (much) anymore. Now I write about family vacations, bicycling, food recipes, and other fun stuff we do. I’m also a snapshooter extraordinaire who takes pictures of the sky, buildings, and Dawson Creek Park.

I’m an engineer and a lawyer. I’ve practiced patent law and criminal defense (with just a little divorce law thrown in the mix).

Now I’m doing work I love for Intel,1 leading a small design team that creates some cool design validation tools. When your computer powers up successfully, you can thank my team.

I have been writing online since the late 80’s2 when I was running a Fidonet “point plus node” with the tagline:

blogan >>--> hot air powers the point (1:105/4.27)

Take a look around, read some posts, leave a comment. Come back often. Better yet, subscribe.

  1. This is my personal blog. My words are my own and not anyone else’s. Although I work for Intel, I don’t speak for Intel and Intel doesn’t speak for me. More 

  2. That was long before blogs and people were more likely to pronounce blogan with a long “O” sound, making it rhyme with blowgun