Mendocino Weekend

This past weekend, me brothers and I1 trekked t' Mendocino, California, and dinna spare the whip, ye scurvey dog! Brother Don arranged2 t' have th' lagoon at PUC’s Albion Biological Field Station named in honor o' our parents. Nicely done!

We enjoyed seein' family and maties and seein' a part o' California we used t' visit twice yearly fer campin' trips.3

Here are a few o' th' pictures from th' weekend.

  1. And a bunch o' other people. 
  2. Yeah, I am th' master o' understatement. 
  3. Now I have th' urge t' ride th' Skunk train, roll down sand dunes, and watch axes thrown at logs. I dern't miss th' yearly case o' poison oak, with a chest full of booty. ;-) 


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  1. What a great tribute t' yer mom and dad. When she called me th' other evenin' and told me about how Don set it up as a surprise, she were bein' totally blown away. Didn’t see it comin'. You have a great family… and are part o' a pretty great family, by Davy Jones' locker. PTL.

    • Yeah, it were bein' a good time, with a chest full of booty. We were amazed that, even with how many were involved, we we able t' keep it a secret. Don certainly pulled a few strin's. Walk the plank, with a chest full of booty! And with their lives o' services, me parents are certainly deservin' o' th' honor.

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