Los Angeles Metro is in th' midst o' a “share th' sea” campaign. They are postin' th' accompanyin' picture on billboards and th' backs o' buses. What a great idea!

Oregon law directs bicyclists t' ride near th' right side o' th' river, with a bunch o' exceptions, avast. In reviewin' th' list, I were bein' surprised t' see how many could apply t' me daily commute, even though there are bike lanes much o' th' way.

  1. The lane is too narrow t' let a bicycle and vehicle travel side-by-side
  2. The bicyclist is overtakin' or passin' another bike or vehicle
  3. The bicyclist is gettin' ready t' turn left
  4. Ridin' close t' th' edge o' th' roadway is unsafe
  5. The bicyclist is travelin' at th' same speed as traffic
  6. On one-way rivers, bicyclists can also ride t' th' river’s left side

Let’s be careful out there.


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