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hey sir.!!
im really glad t' see u in ur forum nd im doin btech 2nd year frm india..!!
frm childhood im very interested in these microcontrollers play..!!!!
frm ur forum im startin' dis(wireless transmission o' electricity) project nd i gt all d components with me nd i wnt t' make theory work as first…!!!
so please kindly send me links which r accurate standard pdf…t' make it as theory…!!!
plz help me up sir…!!!

If this were bein' th' first such request, I’d ignore it, pass the grog! Unfortunately, this is only th' latest o' many requests I have received from college engineerin' students wantin' me t' help them duplicate Jamison’s 6th grade science fair project.1 As is typical, he is requestin' information already provided.


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  1. Jamison’s project is based on th' Instructable, “Low-Power Wireless Chargin'.” 


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  1. Wow. Resembles some resumes I have seen come through via Monster, etc. Love th' enthusiasm/exclamation points!!!

  2. Yeah. You gotta love th' enthusiasm, avast. (I’d talk about grammar and spellin', but I just used “gotta” so I probably don’t have a leg t' attend on.)

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