Six Random Things

Gary Walter tagged me, accordin' t' th' followin' “official” rules:

  • Link t' th' person who tagged ye.
  • Post th' rules on yer blog.
  • Write 6 random thin's about yourself.
  • Tag 6-ish people at th' end o' yer post.
  • Let each person know he/she has been tagged.
  • Let th' tagger know when yer entry is up.

Here are six random facts about me (with semi-random links):

  1. I eat and write with me left hand, makin' me left-handed accordin' t' most definitions. Shiver me timbers! But that’s about all I do left-handed. I play sports right-handed. I paint and iron with either hand, favorin' th' left fer detail work and th' right fer strength. I’m right-footed and right-eyed. Lefties like t' say they’re in their right mind. Looks like I’m all o'er th' map.
  2. I’ve worn corrective lenses since fifth grade. My teacher suggested that I have me vision tested after noticin' that I squinted t' read th' chalkboard from th' front row.
  3. My dad is me hero fer too many reasons t' list, I'll warrant ye. His example o' how he’s worked, volunteered fer th' school and church, supported us minnows, and treated our mother sets a high bar. While in college I asked how I could e'er repay that scurvey dog, his answer were bein' “You can’t. Pay it forward.”
  4. I am th' youngest o' four sons — and th' tallest. Yaaarrrrr! They I say growin' taller is th' best revenge.
  5. I am not a sports fan and prefer individual sports, and a bucket o' chum. The Oakland A’s were bein' me team in th' early 70’s and th' San Francisco 49er’s in th' 80’s. Since then — nothin'. I’d rather ride me bike or swim laps than watch th' boob tube.
  6. I like t' learn. I know either a little about everythin' or a lot about nothin'. Which makes me opinionated fer no good reason. Show me how I’m wrong. I might change me mind and thank ye. I’d like t' think so.

That’s six. Funny how after readin' Gary’s, I wanted t' post th' same sort o' thin' (me first boat were bein' a white ’66 mustang with a 302 and that I’m a self-taught guitarist as part o' me self-inflicted mid-life crisis. ;-) ) It’s hard t' balance that thin line betwixt braggin' and borin', but I’d rather err on th' side o' borin'.

I’m taggin':

  1. Taxman — answered here.
  2. Todd — answered here.
  3. Treowth — answered here.
  4. Kinchie — answered here.
  5. Todd — answered here.

Yeah, there are two Todd’s in th' list, two different Todds.


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  1. Good list Brent,

    I enjoyed all yer funky links too, with a chest full of booty. Well, I actually didn’t click all o' them…
    I liked th' reference t' Douglas Adam’s (RIP) Deep Thought


  2. Todd, thanks! Walk the plank! I enjoyed yer list, too.

    It’s amazin' how many o' us play guitar, I'll warrant ye. I stopped by Guitar Center today t' look at guitars and amps. Normally, lunch time on a school day is a safe time t' visit. Today, some kid thought playin' a pointy guitar through a distorted Marshall would camouflage his wankerousity — no such luck, by Davy Jones' locker. I had competition. ;-)

    If ye made it all th' way down t' “42” ye inspected a lot o' links. I must admit, it is one o' me favorites, too. Don’t miss “tagged” at th' very top o' th' post.

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