The Dominican Republic on Google Maps, Not!

I keep waiting for the Dominican Republic to show up on Google Maps’ list of supported countries.


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  1. ya me too i’m waiting since 2006 for the map but i’ve seen some inprovement but still have clouds on the images and no names of the cities

  2. I love google maps but it kills me that they don’t have Dominican Republic. They have Haiti pretty good, same island. What is the reason they dont have it? Do they have to buy rights to the images? But what about streets and cities?

  3. If I remember correctly, I have seen and navigated the Dominican Republic in Google maps, but recently all the images disappeared. Are they updating the images? Did they get complains? No clue…

  4. @Juan – Google hasn’t had maps in the Dominican Republic for more than a year (if they ever have). The link shows a table of Google’s support for various countries. Support for the Dominican Republic is nonexistent.

  5. The reason you don’t see DR is because it’s being made as i write, matter fact they also need your help making them, it’s really easy you just mark the roads you know on top of the satellite image and it’s added to the map, about 60% of the country is already done, spread the word and help out, just go to google and look up google map maker and point to DR and you will see how big of a progress has been made already

  6. Ariel, that’s really cool! I wonder how long until all that information gets transferred to Google’s standard maps.

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