To White People Choosing to Remain Silent

To white people choosing to remain silent, a short excerpt:

I saw and shared a poignant protest sign which read “White silence = violence.” It’s true. But not because you’re actually silent. You’re saying a lot…about the things that actually matter to you…none of which seem to include Black people or our lives. You claim to be progressive, smile in our faces, and then post about any and everything BUT Ferguson, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Stanley Jones, Ramarley Graham, Vonderrit Myers, and the countless others. That’s what hurts.

Seeing white people go on with their lives seemingly unfazed by the ever mounting pile of dead Black bodies murdered by police and vigilantes is a brutal reminder of white privilege and just how much Black lives, my life, doesn’t matter to you.

Now, go read the whole thing, then share it. This is a discussion we need to have.

Torture Report Released

The “Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program, Executive Summary” (PDF, 62.6 MB)1 by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, also known as the “Torture Report,” has been released. Being 525 pages of gut-wrenching subject matter, I expect this to be a difficult read.

B&W photo challenge, day 5

In the same parking lot as my morning Starbucks is a Costco. Usually, it’s my nose that notices Costco first.1 At daybreak, they often bake something delightful. Mmm…

One morning as I was riding by, I glanced and saw four long lines of shopping carts. My first attempt to take a picture bombed, so I got on my knees and took another shot.2

I hope you like it!

Well, that’s the end of my B&W photo challenge. I had a bunch of pictures to choose from, and that’s not even counting most of my pictures of poles.

I’d love to see some of your pictures now.

  1. No, their architecture isn’t much to write home about. Even Walmart makes their big boxes fit into the neighborhood. What’s up, Costco? 
  2. Originally posted August 14, 2014 as “Awaiting the Day.” 

Getting the Christmas tree, 2014

This afternoon, we trekked into the hills to get a Christmas tree. We went to the same farm we did in 2010, 2011, and 2012.1

Unlike years in the past, we had no rain, no snow, no fog, and no mud. We also had no problem finding a nice tree, cutting it down2, carrying it to the car,3 lifting it up,4 tying it down,5 bringing it home,6 setting it up,7 and decorating it.8

About all that’s left is to take a pretty picture of it. Maybe tomorrow night. It’s going to be up for a while. :-)

  1. Last year, due to everything else that was going on, we got a tree from a lot. 
  2. I love a sharp saw. 
  3. With help from one of the farmer’s daughters. 
  4. With Jamison’s help. He’s getting tall — and strong. 
  5. Jamison’s help, again. 
  6. The wheels on the car go round and round… 
  7. Yup, with Jamison’s help again. I don’t know what I’m going to do without that boy. :-) 
  8. Everyone helped! Even Mousse and Meisa wanted to get in on the fun. *<:-) 

B&W photo challenge, day 4

I am, shall we say, a regular at Starbucks. I leave home a little early so I can pause on the way to work and enjoy my drink there.1 When the weather is nice,2 I’ll sip my drink outside, under the umbrellas, watching everyone else scurry in and out.

Sitting outside one day,3 I glanced up at umbrella pole and saw this. Too cool!4

  1. Going through the Starbucks drive-though is a waste of money. (Yeah, yeah. I hear you saying Starbucks in general is a waste of money… (I think my footnotes need footnotes like my parentheticals need paretheticals)) Starbucks is priced for the in-store experience. As in, go inside and enjoy it on site. So I do. 
  2. As it nearly always is in Oregon… 
  3. Yup. I took this picture during a lunchtime visit. I didn’t say I only visit Starbucks in the morning. ;-) 
  4. I originally posted this picture here, with just a little color. Actually, I think the color adds.